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Welcome to Torquay Roofers. As a leading specialist roofing company in the Torbay area, Torquay Roofers proudly serve Torquay, Paignton, Brixham and Torbay for their Residential, Commercial and Industrial Roofing needs.



Our professional roofers are fully qualified and experienced to deal with any type of roofing work and are dedicated to completing every job efficiently and to the highest standard.

Providing quality roofing services whilst providing great value for money is what makes us one of the best roofers Torquay has to offer!

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Our Team of Professional Fully Qualified Roofers in
Torquay Provide a Full Range of Roofing Services:

Roof Repairs

New Roof and Re-Roofs

Roof Property Maintenance

Flat Roofing Torquay

Slate Roofing Torquay

Lead Work

Fascias, Soffits Work

Pitched and Tiled Roofs... and all aspects of roofing at very competitive prices!


Throughout the years, we have established ourselves as a premier roofing contractor offering high-quality services. We have over 20 years of roofing experience, and our roofers are fully qualified and able to deliver outstanding results.

We believe in the principle of “Putting our clients first” which is why we place customer satisfaction as our number one priority. Therefore, we will always strive to provide you with the highest quality roofing at the best possible prices.

We hope you will consider us to be your one-stop total roofing solution for all your roofing needs.

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We will provide you with a thorough evaluation of your roofing requirements and advise you on the best options and solutions available. We will then ensure the work is completed efficiently, expertly and to your satisfaction.

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Here’s Why To Choose Us?

  • VERY EXPERIENCED WITH TOP QUALITY WORKMANSHIP: With over 20 years experience as roofers in Torquay and Torbay you can always rely on us to deliver top quality workmanship. At Torquay Roofers we aim to provide you with a roof that will do its job of protecting your property from the elements of nature for many years to come.
  • ALL WORK 100% GUARANTEED: We are happy to provide guarantees of satisfaction for all of the roofing services that we perform
  • COMPETITIVE PRICING: Call us today to get a FREE estimate, as professional roofers Torquay you may be pleasantly surprised at our Great Prices!
  • FULLY INSURED: This means that the property owner is protected from any liability should an accident occur. We train our team of roofers in Torquay on strict safety guidelines and we do whatever it takes to protect your property and our staff.

Why It Is Important To Choose A Good Roofer?

Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your property; not only does it considerably enhance its appearance, but it also crucially protects it from the elements. 

So if your roof is in need of repairs or renovations, it is very important to find a good, professional roofer Torquay and Torbay to carry out the job of high quality and fairly priced roofers in Torquay. Torquay Roofers is the place to turn to for the best roofers Torquay, Paignton, Brixham, and Torbay.

Key Signs You Need Roof Repairs

Roofs are one of the most important parts of your property and can add a lot of aesthetic value to your home but their most important attribute is to protect your property from all that nature will throw at it. That is why it is so important to know the signs that may indicate that you need roof repairs by a roofing contractor. 

These are a few of the key things to look out for:

  • Your roof has loose and weathered roof tiles and has begun to sag in the middle
  • There is an extensive buildup of moss and mould on your roof
  • There are damp spots that have appeared on your ceilings and walls
  • You can see visible light coming through your roof

If you notice any of these kinds of issues then it is time to contact us for your roof repairs. We have the expertise necessary to assess the current state of your roofing and make the required roofing repairs. 

This will ensure that you can avoid more expensive damage and repair it immediately before it worsens so keeping your roof looking and performing its best all year long, giving you peace of mind and often saving you substantial monies.

The Importance of Diligent Roof Maintenance

Diligent roof property maintenance is one of the best things you can do for your roof. Performing routine maintenance can help dramatically prolong it’s life. Offering roof property maintenance is one of our specialities here at Torquay Roofers, your roofers Torquay, Devon and Torbay.

This service includes repairs to the roofline, storm damage repairs, leak repairs and gutter repairs. Our roofing Torquay company professionals are well-versed in all types of roofs, flat roofing and pitched roofing.  

Also they know how to carry out roof property maintenance in a way that is intended to give your roof many years of life thus avoiding you having any serious flat roofing or pitched roofing problems and also potentially saving you a significant amount of money in the process.

Delivering First Class Roofing Services

Insured & Experienced

We are dedicated to providing safe and reliable roofing solutions for our customers.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We stand behind our work and offer a guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction.

Competitive Pricing

We offer very competitive prices and excellent value for money.

Torquay Roofers Are Committed to Offering You a Top Quality
Roofing Service At A Fair And Competitive Price

We aim to provide the best in roofing company services for roofers in Torquay and Torbay as well as offering a price that is fair and competitive. Though we are committed to offering our customers a competitive price for roofing services, we never compromise on quality and use only the best materials.

What makes us different is our professional and personal service – we will prepare for you a thorough evaluation of your property’s roofing, advise on the best solutions and options available, and ensure the roofing work is completed efficiently, expertly and with total regard for your property.

Reliable, Trustworthy and Experienced Torquay Roofers

Providing First Class Torquay Roofing Solutions

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